This event took place in May/June 2023, opening as part of Saltaire Arts Trail 2023
Salts Mill Roof Space & Foyer Gallery

Rainforests, plains and prairies are being destroyed by industrial agriculture and replaced by monocultures. Freddie makes paint out of pollen because the pollen record will show the change from huge biodiversity to monoculture, driven by agribusiness and, more broadly, by global capitalism. The subjects he paints explore the individuals, machines and innovations that have developed and drive industrial agriculture, whilst also exploring personal narratives and the cognitive dissonance of individuals within the food system.


Freddie is showing a range of text works, painstakingly produced with pen and pollen ink, which catalogue his own journey in understanding the threat of environmental destruction. They cover a broad range of topics including: reflections on family life, personal mottos, quotes and statistics charting the impact of agricultural progress. Alongside these works he will show for the first time a new film work which animates pollen portraits of key protagonists in the agricultural system. Using satire to explore ideas of human progress and ambition. During the Arts Trail weekend, Freddie will use this space as a working studio displaying development and sketches for the large scale paintings he is producing in the roof space and to make pollen paint required for these new monumental paintings.


In the iconic roof spaces of Salts Mill Freddie will construct an installation of large scale pollen paintings that explore agricultural irrigation and landscapes. Painting live during the weekend and building up the content over time, the space will be constrained by an enormous monotone pollen image of a tractor sprayer and irrigation structures. Whilst the floor space will gradually fill up with field pattern pollen paintings made with analog ‘painting machines’ that mimic the machines depicted.

Freddie Yauner’s website