This event took place in May 2023, as part of Saltaire Arts Trail 2023
Alongside Shipley Glenn Tramway (on footpath)

In Common is a reflective immersion into the natural world as an antidote to the polarisation and divisions seen in contemporary society. The project uses photography to remind us of our common connection to nature and to each other through nature and by doing this attempts to break down barriers and bring people together.

The project uses Shipley Glen as its location, a ‘common’ much loved and frequented by many for hundreds of years. This ‘escape’ continues today aspeople from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds seek rejuvenation by reconnecting with nature there. Phil’s aim is to emphasise this commonality by showing how our undeniable connection with nature inextricably links us back to each other.

You can catch Phil from 10am till noon on each day of the Arts Trail halfway up the footpath that runs alongside Shipley Glen Tramway (map of approximate location here). There’s no need to book. He’ll be able to speak more about the project and take your photographic portrait immersed in nature. You can contact him on 07738 291158 or email [email protected] for more information.

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Project FAQs:

Why is the artist making this work?
This project is a response and a remedy to the divisions and polarity he sees and feels in contemporary society and to overcome this by emphasising our commonality through our link with nature. The project shows that nature is the only thing we truly all have in common and share.

What does he hope to achieve with the project?
He hopes that by immersing in and connecting to nature we begin to understand that we are connected to everything and to each other and to see that we share a commonality through this connection.

Who is this for?
Everyone over the age of 16 is welcome to participate.

What will people be asked to do if they choose to participate?
Phil will be asking people to pose for their portrait surrounded by nature. A sound recording of them will be made whilst they say their name with the ambient sounds of nature heard in the background.
Here’s an example:


What will people get from having their portrait taken?
Phil’s hope is that people will respond to the ideas and experience of being part of this project and gain a sense of comfort, optimism and awareness that they are part of, and connected to, something that is bigger than any of us. Participants will also receive an email with their photograph as a memento of the occasion.

What else will the artist need from participants?Everyone taking part will need to complete a media consent/model release form and supply their contact information so that they can receive their photographs and be updated with news about the project. Participants will also be asked for feedback on their experience of taking part and their feelings about the ideas within the project.

How will the artist be using participants’ portraits in the future?All of the work made throughout this project will be brought together in an exhibition at the 2024 Saltaire Arts Trail. The work will be exhibited outdoors and in nature in a way that emphasises our common connection to nature. The project will alsobe featured online and in social media and may be featured at other exhibitions.

What if people can’t get to the Arts Trail or are concerned about accessing the shoot location?If you’re unable to get along to the 2023 Arts Trail there are other opportunities and ways to take part. Plus, if you feel uncomfortable about meeting at the location or concerned about access, Phil is arranging specific dates for individuals and groups to be photographed during the spring/summer in this and next year. For all queries or concerns contact Phillip Jackson on 07738291158 or email [email protected] to make arrangements for photography.